BLAZEPODS – Do you want to improve your reaction time, coordination, speed & agility?

What is a blaze pod?

  • A flash reflex training system designed for everyone (from the high level athlete to your everyday person).
  • It is an incredibly versatile piece of technology that helps you improve your focus, reaction time, speed while being fun and interesting. Both kids and adults, love this tool.
  • It is a wireless & portable system that uses lights and sensors with pre-programmed exercises to help you increase agility, reaction time and much more.

How does this help me?

  • It has been used for a number of years amongst all types of elite athletes from team sports such as the European soccer league to individual sports.
  • It has up to 40m Device-to-Pod range with auto-connection, has powerful LED lights with 8 colour options
  • It improves your neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency while integrating agility, cognitive awareness, sports performance, and cardiovascular challenges.

We use this in our clinic to evaluate your progress and help with setting new goals.

If you wish to know more about it or would like to test your abilities, please let us know.