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Tips for Finding Your Perfect Exercise Match

Exercise is such an essential part of mental and physical wellbeing, however many of us find it difficult to make time to stay active. Often, when we think of exercise we imagine jogging or the gym. Exercise can be anything that gets you moving, and the trick to reaping the long-term benefits is to find an activity that you love and do often. Exercise can offer more than just physical benefits, a new activity can be a way to join a new community, improve self-esteem and can even improve brain function. By learning new skills or movements, your brain is laying down new neural pathways, a process known as neuroplasticity. Physical exercise has also been shown to help to improve learning and memory, in some cases even having a slight protective effect against agerelated dementia. Here are a few tips to help you find the right exercise for you.
  1. Do a quick personality...
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Anterior Ankle Impingement

What is it? Anterior ankle impingement, also known as anterior impingement syndrome, is a musculoskeletal condition where repetitive forces compress and damage the tissues at the front of the ankle, causing pain and stiffness. It is a common injury that can affect people of all ages, however, is usually seen in athletes of sports involving repetitive or forceful upward movements of the ankle, such as sprinting, landing from long jump, uphill and downhill running. What are the symptoms? Pain at the front of the ankle is the primary symptom of anterior ankle impingement. This can be felt as an intense, sharp pain occurring with ankle movements or a dull ache in front of the ankle following periods of exercise. Pain can also be felt when putting weight through the ankle while standing, walking, or running. Nighttime aching, stiffness, swelling and reduced ankle flexibility are also common symptoms of anterior ankle impingement. How does it...
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AxIT is coming to the Central Coast and North Kincumber Physiotherapy!

AxIT is coming to the Central Coast and North Kincumber Physiotherapy! We are excited to announce that we will be bringing the AxIT to our patients. What is AxIT? AxIT is a state of art system that allows us to measure every muscle and movement in the human body. Some tests include squats, lunges, isolated muscle strength testing, Nordic Hamstring Curl, Isometric Mid Thigh Pull, Jump Power Testing, Core Rotational Strength Testing, and many more. We chose the AxIT to measure how our patients move. This allows us to set baselines, track progressions over time and identify imbalances between muscles and sides, that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Stop guessing and start measuring your health, performance and outcomes....
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